Named the sports that will live longer

American scientists have found that fitness types, requiring the use of rackets, prolong human life. To achieve this effect, you should regularly play tennis, badminton or ping pong.

Researchers at Indiana University used data on 80000 people living in England and Scotland. Observations of these people went on for 15 years. The study's authors believe that these results demonstrate the importance of not only the total amount of physical activity to increase the duration of human life, but also their variety. In particular, people who are fond of sports, requiring the use of bats, 56% less likely to die from heart disease.

Although this figure is quite significant, not all experts agree with the conclusions of the study. In particular doctor from Indiana Dr. Richard Kovacs working cardiologist believes that nothing to do with the racket. The main thing to do intense exercise, which can help the heart pump blood steadily throughout the body and stay healthy.

"Yes, the game of tennis requires intense physical activity, and this is what you need to remember, studying the results of the research - says Dr. Kovacs -. It confirms what has long been proven numerous other scientists need not only to practice physical activity, but also. to do so rapidly. I would recommend you aim for 40 minutes of stress on a daily basis at least 4 times a week. this will ensure an adequate level of training for the heart and helps to pump blood through the body, that is the best prevention of heart disease, a lot of which is developing on the background of stagnation ".