How to talk to himself in order to achieve success

We are constantly on something we think, but not always, attach importance to the content of those conversations. However, according to psychologist Monia Ferretti, of this content depends on the progress and quality of life.

Think of how many thoughts come into your head during the day. For example, when to do something important, or when you are busy with something. Every second of your life, you are not realizing this report, you think of at least three things: about myself, about life in general, about the people around you.

All these thoughts controls the internal mechanism, which is formed under the influence of acquired knowledge, experience and relationships with their parents at an early age.

How does this mechanism work and what affects it?

In a balanced self-esteem.
On the harmony in the relationship with him.
On the inner peace.
On the happy life.
In a good relationship with others.

If you want to achieve something, ensure the full operation of this mechanism, only lead to a positive dialogue, that is, convince yourself that you can achieve all your goals. If we repeat that you can not afford without the help of others to achieve the desired, you are too shy and unfortunate, negative inner dialogue will prevent the entire system.

Anything you say, sooner or later, becomes your reality. Tell yourself every day that you are capable of anything, and achieve unprecedented heights. Only in this way you will notice the opportunities offered by life.

And vice versa - how to behave man who keeps talking to himself that he can do nothing and is afraid of everything? He will not be able to use all the resources and opportunities that surrounded his life. After all, he would repeat: "Why put so much effort, when I already know that this will not work??

This - the result of our internal dialogue, positive or negative. The brain functions as a computer. That he worked efficiently, it is necessary to put just the right information, and therefore, positive thoughts.

Try to observe your thoughts and understand what type of dialogue prevails. Change your life, you can change only after their own thoughts. If you own it will not afford, you can always seek help from professionals to help break this vicious circle.

If you feel that you can cope with the problem on their own, write on a piece of paper a few motivating you phrases and repeat them as often as possible during the day. Over time, this will become a habit and will give the first fruits.

In formulating phrases remember to:

- Only use positive words (if you focus on what you want to achieve),

- Use the present time (thus creating the illusion that all your dreams have already been implemented),

- Be concise.

In addition, an important step in achieving success is to define the goals.

Often the lack of a positive result is unrealistic or inappropriate personal aspirations task.

Care should be taken in detail imagine the end result and to understand whether you need it, whether conditions exist for achieving it.

If in doubt, do not spend time and energy on this option.

The aim is to fully comply with your submission of the success!

Also, do not forget that any worthwhile goal requires big, serious changes, which need to consider before you start to achieve it.

It is necessary to analyze the possibilities, the current situation, plan the big steps that lead to the intended result.

Your destiny is in your hands only, and you can always change it.