Bronchitis: how to act, if the cough persists

Bronchitis - an inflammation of the bronchial tubes through which air enters the lungs and back. The fact that it affected the bronchi, says cough - the main symptom of the disease. Cough with bronchitis account for a long time, more than ten days. However, cough may be released clear or white phlegm, but not necessarily.

Other symptoms of bronchitis:

Dyspnea. Due to the inflammation of the bronchial mucosa can not operate at full capacity, so it is difficult to breathe. Plus, a persistent cough, which also makes it difficult to breath.

Temperature increase. If bronchitis is caused by an infection, then, as a rule, the body itself is trying to deal with it, and this raises the temperature.

Tiredness and fatigue. When the body is not enough oxygen to no activity.

The main reasons for the bronchi fail - viruses, bacteria and allergic reactions to different stimuli.

Sometimes it takes complex forms of bronchitis, obstructive becomes (this is when the bronchi lumen narrows and breathing extremely difficult, almost impossible), purulent (when the disease started and mucus becomes a breeding ground for bacteria) or even lead to pneumonia.

Treatment of bronchitis

Here much depends on the type of bronchitis. Acute - is the one that started abruptly, for the first time. Acute bronchitis is caused most often viruses. That is, if you are diagnosed with "acute respiratory viral infection, bronchitis," are not two different diseases, and bronchitis caused by a virus.

Viruses are not treated with antibiotics.

To prescribe antibiotics, it is necessary to make at least a blood test. Most often, acute bronchitis passes without antimicrobial therapy, it is sufficient to comply with the general recommendations for SARS treatment and to cope with a cough with the help of herbal remedies or tablets.

We need to drink more, do wet cleaning in the room and use antipyretics, if the temperature rises above 38.5 ? C. Only when an obstructive bronchitis, need special drugs that widen the bronchi. They are usually used in the form of asthma inhalation.

Chronic bronchitis - a disease that is repeated three times a year, and not less than two consecutive years. Blame exacerbation of chronic bronchitis can be both bacteria and external stimuli. The reason for the doctor establishes the results of the survey and analysis.

If the case in bacteria, the doctor prescribes treatment: antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs. If blame poor conditions, advises them to improve: throw allergens, quit, to change their place of residence.

Most of the folk remedies of little help in bronchitis: compresses, mustard, hot foot bath and banks create the illusion of care, but against viruses and bacteria, they are powerless.

Where better to use breathing exercises. It will help bring phlegm.

Treatment for bronchitis cough

The choice of drugs depends on whether you have a cough:

Non-productive, dry cough and no relief is only a hindrance. The drugs suppress it.

Productive cough need a body, because that is the bronchi get rid of sputum. In this helps expectorant drugs.

Against dry cough medications are used to block the cough at the level of the nerves: they cut off or the cough center in the brain or affect the nerve endings in the mucosa. Many active substances: codeine, glaucine, butamirata, oxeladin, prenoxdiazine. You can distinguish them by the inscription "antitussive" on the packaging.

For the treatment of wet cough fit many herbs and herbal preparations. Mother-and-stepmother, licorice, thermopsis, mallow, oregano and nard - the basis for many drugs helps to remove phlegm. They have on the packaging says "expectorant".

With a wet cough is fighting another group of drugs - mucolytics. They thin the mucus so it was easier to bring.

Preventing bronchitis

Measures of prevention of acute bronchitis are the same as in the case of SARS: it is necessary to lead a healthy life, to be vaccinated against influenza during the epidemic is less crowded places to visit and to wash their hands often.

To become chronic bronchitis do not, risk factors must be removed not carry the disease on their feet, not torture yourself by smoking, do not collect dust in the apartment and more walk in the fresh air.

Folk remedies for bronchitis

- Put in a half-liter bottle of wine 4 large leaf aloe, to insist 4 days, taking in chronic bronchitis 1 dessert spoon 3 times a day.

- Prolonged cough and bronchitis in the old days were treated with aloe: 300 g of honey, 0.5 cups of water and a piece of finely chopped aloe cook over very low heat for 2 hours, cool and stir. Store in a cool place. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day. The drug is often administered to children.

- For the treatment of bronchitis applied inhalation. Onions - 100 g Fast finely chop, bend down to the bow, to hide the handkerchief to breathe 10 - 15 minutes (at traheobronhite).

- Eucalyptus leaves - '30 Brew 2 cups boiling water in a small teapot to the kettle spout wear long paper tube. Gently inhale so that the air fed with steam, breathe through your nose, be careful not to burn yourself. You can use the inhaler.

- Marshmallow root - 40 g, licorice root - 15 g of leaves mother and stepmother - 20 g of mullein flowers - 10 g fruit Fennel (dill) - '20 Spoon collection insist on a glass of cold water, 2 hours cook for a few minutes, strain the broth and drink warm in divided doses per day. Used in traheobronhite, chronic bronchitis, dry bronchitis.

- Leaves mother and stepmother - 5 g, flowers mullein - 5 g, flowers malva sylvestris - 10 g poppy flowers rhoeas - 10 g herb thyme (thyme) - 10 g, the fruit of anise - 5 g, marshmallow root drug - 10 g, licorice root - '25 spoon collection insist on a glass of cold water, two hours to cook for a few minutes, strain the broth and drink warm in divided doses per day. Apply at traheobronhite, chronic bronchitis, dry bronchitis.