Connected arthritis and crunch your fingers?

Many who likes to "crunch" your fingers in a work break, often heard in his address: "do not break your fingers, be arthritis." And, at times, such teachings forced to abandon the habit. But who seriously considered whether there is a connection with a crunch in the fingers and arthritis?

Donald Unger can be called the only person who for half a century crunched fingers to perform an experiment. At least 2 times a day a man "cracked" the left hand fingers, ignoring the right. In 1998 the doctor introduced the world its article entitled "Do the fingers Crunch Causes Arthritis?" and through this work he was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize. Such a prize is awarded to authors who publish unique and strange study, after reading that you are laughing at first, but then think about it. And reread the article Unger you do not doubt that he was worthy of such an award.

According to estimates of the experimenter, he crunched all the fingers of the left hand 36500 times. A crunching right hand was making only spontaneously. Donald wanted to prove so many misguided experiment that the crunch is not related to arthritis. After analyzing the results of the study at the end of the experiment, the doctor came to the conclusion that arthritis is not observed neither on the left nor on the right hand. So we can safely say that the apparent connection between the finger crunching and no arthritis.

History remembers many similar experiments, studies that only confirm this theory.