5 reasons because of which you will never lose weight

Leave futile attempts to lose weight! Did you - one of those who never lose weight!

A sad verdict, is not it? However, it is this: no matter how you limit yourself to food, no matter how you tried to count calories and no sweating in the gym, your efforts will be in vain. At least, so say Australian scientists. They analyzed data from losing weight people and came to the conclusion that certain types do not ever lose weight. And it has its reasons.

Reason 1

Did you know that people are seeking during that whatever the cost to have an ideal weight, after a course of diet and exercise get better even more. In general, the perfectionists - 41% of those who could not lose weight, but very tried. The thing is that perfectionists too fixated on losing weight and as a result earn stress. Which chocolates are made jam.

Tip: If you decide to lose weight, do not put unrealistic goals. It is better to reach a small - for example, to lose weight by 1 kg per month than to strive to lose 10 kg in the same period.

Reason 2

Food - a special kind of pleasure that not only nourishes, but also pleasing to the eye, nose, taste buds. If you are a foodie by nature, you are probably very hard not to eat cake, which shall prepare your mom a new recipe! Do you like to eat slowly, savoring every bite. But, alas, you can not help but to try a new dish or unfamiliar product. There, according to the researchers, 15% of the total weight slimming.

Tip: Experiment with flavors of the dishes, which contain useful products for the figure.

Reason 3

In contrast to the gourmands, these types do not enjoy the taste of food, but from feeling stuffed stomach. Perhaps gluttons simply seize your troubles or complexes, but this does not become easier: 25% of people losing weight have metabolic problems due to an elementary overeating!

Tip: Find the reason that pushes you to overeat. Try to find the area where will be able to get not less pleasure than eating.

Reason 4

Do you like noisy company, and so historically, that these are the companies usually gather at a richly laid table. Yes, yes, your passion for communication can cause excess weight! After sitting at the table, you unwittingly absorbs a huge amount of food and drink and even its a decent dose of alcohol. Such sociable tolstyachkov - 15% of the total number of slimming.

Tip: break the old traditions: meet friends in the park or at a bowling alley!

Reason 5

Every time you give yourself a promise that Monday start to keep a diary food, only eat wholesome food and going to the gym, but constantly violate its own promise?

If you are not able to plan their lives - and in big things and small things - it certainly will not be able to lose weight and. After all, in order to keep track of your weight, you need self-discipline.