Doctors have identified harmful to the dishes

Scientists favor that improper cookware has a negative effect on physical health, and its use, in particular, can cause vascular abnormalities in the body. Such a conclusion was made by experts from Ashland University, USA.

American researchers have found evidence of the harm to the body from the use of aluminum cookware. Checking dishes made of aluminum in ten countries, they found that in such dishes often contain metallic impurities that have a negative effect on the organs. A harmful release of metals from such dishes experts associated with the fact that it is made from a different metal.

"Because aluminum utensils used for cooking, stand out, arsenic and cadmium. Over one third of the samples were a real threat for the body in terms of the negative impact of lead emitted. Levels of aluminum released from the samples six times higher than the permissible norms of the World Health Organization ", - reported the scientists.

Aluminum cookware, according to experts, is associated with the development of cardiovascular pathologies. In addition, the researchers noted, there is a connection between a regular contact with the children of the dishes and decrease their IQ levels, a fall in school performance.