How to keep his feet under difficult weather conditions

We have developed a number of recommendations on how to avoid slipping on the ice during difficult weather conditions. Scientists of the University of Illinois (University of Illinois), United States, argue that it is important to adhere to additional safety precautions, even if the snow was removed from sidewalks, parking lots, sidewalks, and other public spaces.

Experts advise to pay special attention to choosing the right winter footwear. In the cold season to avoid wearing shoes with plastic soles and cab & shy; bows. Grooved outsole, made of non-slip rubber or neoprene, reduces slip - and, accordingly, reduces the risk of falling and injury.

The winter weather is important to maintain body heat, but we can not allow a scarf and a hat covered a review and let capture sounds. According to experts, outerwear bright colors makes pedestrians more visible to the driver, and sunglasses smooth glare from snow and thus help to avoid potential zaslepleniya. If a person slipped, long and dense coat will help to cushion the fall, the scientists said.

We must not forget that any surfaces that appear dark and wet, in fact
case may be icy. Spray and water vapor tend to freeze on the surface, creating a smooth and invisible layer of ice. Experts recommend avoiding movement in such areas, as well as on roads that have not been cleared of snow. If necessary, the best move on the lawn strip along the pavement or icy hill, so as not to fall.

Experts insist on the importance of maintaining the balance of the body by means of bending the torso and arm movements that help to avoid a fall. The transfer of a heavy load can cause loss of balance. The scientists also recommended on slippery surfaces move slowly, short steps and it does not keep his hands in his pockets. This method of movement would gain a little time to react the fall and prevent injuries associated with it.

Particular care should be taken when entering and exiting the vehicle and other vehicles, if possible, use the handrails, experts advise