Defined the main principles

Known in Hollywood expert in dietary nutrition and weight loss, Harley Pasternak, he told what rules should be followed in order to stay in shape. The coach advised, first of all, to review the diet, as well as to analyze their habits.

Professionals who are clients of Halle Berry and Megan Fox, pointed out in particular that you need to avoid fat-free products.

In an effort to get rid of the extra kilos, many people give preference to products with the lowest fat, I stated the expert. But, according to Harley Pasternak, low-fat foods contain high levels of sugar.

"Sugar is one of the worst foods for your overall health and weight loss," - commented the expert.

According to the Hollywood nutritionist and sweets should not be present in the diet. But if there is a strong desire to eat something sweet, it is better to eat a real dessert in a moderate amount, not his diet option.

In addition, the expert believes that it is harmful to health and the figure continued use of smartphones. Failure to leave the gadgets provokes stress, which not only prevents to relax, but also adversely affects the quality of a night's sleep, and this entails problems with weight, said Harley Pasternak.

He gave this advice: every day for at least an hour should be set aside smartphone away and spend that time reading, meditation or a walk.

"It is important to walk at all. Hiking not only help to strengthen health, but also have a positive effect on the physical form ", - he concluded the expert.