Top 8 benefits kisses for

Kiss - is not only a great way to make a relationship with a man closer and intimate. It has many medicinal properties, and 8 most common tell experts from Germany.

When penetrating a passionate kiss we exchange saliva and germs that can be good for health. Kissing strengthen our immunity.

A recent study showed that during a kiss body releases "happiness hormone" oxytocin, endorphins increase mood and dopamine, which contribute to the psychological rapprochement. For maximum benefit in this regard needs a kiss lasting 20 seconds.

Japanese scientists have recently learned that kissing for 30 minutes, slowing the production of histamine - a component that is released by cells in response to injury and allergic inflammatory reactions. It provides us with a positive effect in combating the symptoms of the common cold and allergies.

Even during the most humble kiss only her lips still generated an additional amount of saliva. This enables to neutralize acid in the mouth that cause dental caries, and also to wash the food particles remaining on the teeth. Some experts even believe that the minerals in saliva can strengthen tooth enamel.

It is estimated that during the kiss body burns to 6 calories per minute, while the person 30 activates the facial muscles. Given the fact that the walking distance at a speed of 6 km per hour per person per minute 667 burns calories then kiss is very good alternative.

For most guys it will be news, but the quality of the male kiss many women determine whether men want long-term relationships, or just flirting. This is not only a kind of affection that precedes sex - women judge men based on their ability to kiss.

Many experts believe that the training of facial muscles improves blood circulation during a kiss, which provides anti-aging prevention and protection against wrinkles.

When you kiss someone, it increases self-esteem, which provides many benefits for the mind. And the better you feel emotionally, the better look.