4 common errors that are associated with

Nutrition Specialist Jackie Lynch told how to avoid common mistakes and successfully get rid of the extra kilos.

Firstly, it is not necessary to give up breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you do this consistently, you will break your metabolism, which will eventually lead to even more weight gain.

The fact that our eating behavior is determined by hormones. Hormone Leptin signals the brain that you are full, and ghrelin hormone - that hungry. Short-term fasting leads to a sharp drop in leptin levels, which further stimulates the appetite.

As a result, people skip breakfast, eat for the rest of the day is much more than those who normally had breakfast. Breakfast high in protein - eggs, cereal or whole-grain cereal with nuts and seeds - will allow for a long time to reduce the level of ghrelin and all day to keep your appetite under control.

Another common mistake dieters - too big portions. For example, a standard serving of cereal should not exceed 30-50 grams, but people tend to impose his plate much more. It is possible to lose weight by simply reducing the size of the servings.

In addition, people often underestimate the amount of so-called "hidden sugars", which they consume with food. The fact is, it is not enough just to give up sweet tea, biscuits and cakes. These seemingly useful products such as honey, fruit juices, dried fruits contain a lot of sugar, which triggers the release of insulin and causes the body to make a "fat stores". Therefore it is better to eat raw fruit. They not only contain a lot of fructose, and fiber, which helps it to be absorbed.

Another misconception is that those who wish to lose weight completely reject foods that are high in fat and switch to low-fat yogurt, milk and so on.

However, edible fats not only add you kilograms, but will bring many benefits to the body - balance the hormone levels, support brain and heart to help absorb vitamins and so on. In addition, manufacturers of low-fat products sugar is often added to improve the taste. This only contributes to weight gain.