6 foods that should not be eaten with angina

You have a sore throat, but do you want to get better soon and return to a normal lifestyle? Limit yourself in the use of some products, and the angina will pass faster and without consequences.

What is it worth to give up with acute tonsillitis?

Sweet. First of all forget for a while about sweet foods and drinks. They contain glucose, which settles on the walls of the throat and creates an ideal environment for the multiplication of bacteria. A great alternative to sugar will be honey. Add it to a warm (by no means hot!) Tea or just rassasyvayte, washing down with water.

Spicy, spicy, sour, salty. Avoid sharp tastes. They irritate the throat and provoke mucosal edema. This category falls and the famous folk healers - lemon and garlic. Use them in limited quantities.

Carbonated drinks. They are also an additional irritant for the pharyngeal mucosa.

Dairy products . Milk, cheese and other dairy products can cause the accumulation of mucus in the throat and lungs and create conditions for infection and inflammation.

Hot drinks. They burn the throat, which aggravates the disease and its symptoms. When treating severe pain in the throat, the drink should be warm, but in no case is it hot.

Rough and tough products. Refuse the rough cereals, bread, toast, toast, crackers and dryers. Such food is irritating and leaves small scratches on the swollen and inflamed tissues.