How to drink coffee and tea to lose weight

Many of us start with a cup of tea or coffee every day. Many people dream of lose weight. It is possible to combine? Yes.

The first shot that you put on your health - it is the sugar in the drink. Three teaspoons of sugar - 120 calories.

Five cups of coffee or tea per day of sugar equal to 1/3 the total daily calories. That we are not talking about the cream and generally keep quiet about cookies or drying a bit of sugar.

Impressive, right? Behind the scenes, a cup with a cup, you will fatten his ribs. Day after day.

Cardiovascular diseases develop, even if you do not lose weight. And if there is?

Researchers from the University of Illinois, USA, studied the 12-year-old information on the health of people who drink tea and coffee. Forms 13-odd thousand coffee lovers and tea 6000 fans.

Those who drink coffee, the national average was prepared every day not less than 70 calories, all from sugar. Six months of such a diet is an increase of about 400 grams of extra weight.

Such beverages such as latte or iced coffee, according to researchers in general are able to replace the caloric one meal.

"People have become wary of fizzy drinks, but do not see any danger in the traditional tea and coffee."

The American system of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, subordinate to the Ministry of Health of the USA, has developed on the basis of the recommendations of the study for those who are not prepared to deny yourself the pleasure:

DO NOT add flavored syrups in TEA AND COFFEE

It is the largest source of sugar, leading you to a straight path to diabetes.


1 tablespoon of whipped cream - 50 calories. If you do not fancy a coffee without cream, but do not want to gain weight, replace them with low-fat milk and a drop of vanilla extract.


Without sugar cup each drink contains only 2 calories. A taste you rasprobuete very quickly.


We are slaves to their habits, and when poured, it is necessary to drink up. Bring on the work of a small elegant coffee cup. Run for office kitchen, you still often do not become, and the ritual of tea or coffee - will have a drink. Without harm to health.