A few simple tips on how to maintain a healthy spine

Each of us understands that the spine is our support, support our body and our body ensures that all kinds of movements.

But not all of us care about the health of the spine carefully. Therefore, from time to time I need to be reminded what to do to keep the spine healthy.

Experts shared some recommendations.

Spine: you need to know about it

The spinal column, or spine, is the most complex bone structure of our body. It begins near the man's head, a neck, and ends below the pelvis. In other words, the vertebral column passes through the human torso. It consists of 5 departments:

Cervical spine.
Thoracic spine.
Lumbar spine.
Sacral spine.
The oil spine.

Although each of these departments has its own problems, they are all united by several common goals: to maintain our body, to ensure its mobility, to form his posture.

Also, the spine is the most important part of our nervous system.

How to maintain a healthy spine?

It is time to move into practical advice. If you want to have a healthy spine, which would not hurt and did not bring problems, pay attention to the following points:

Take care of your posture

Always try to maintain a straight back: at work, on the subway, sitting on the couch, lying in bed at the time of study. If you have good posture, your spine stays healthy.

Be sure to monitor your posture and adjust the position of your body, pulling the belly, that he had been issued in advance. Imagine that from floor to ceiling through your body goes straight thread that makes you maintain your back straight.

There are many ways to maintain the correct position of the body, for example, can put a few pillows and a chair on rollers, buy an ergonomic chair, attach the board to the back of a chair, and so on. D.

Make sure that the shoulders were a little laid back and hanging freely on the parties.

Incorrect posture leads to compression of the nerves between the vertebrae. This not only threatens us with pain, but also violates the circulation and energy flow.

People who often hump can be confusing in a bad mood, depression, drowsiness and lethargy.

Not for a moment do not forget about your posture while working at the computer or behind a desk. So, you can be stuck on the monitor a note reminding you of the need to maintain the correct posture.

Perform the exercise

It should be borne in mind that not all exercise is good for the spine. Their main goal - to maintain healthy, strong and powerful musculature of the back and abdomen. After all, they hold our spine.

For example, you can download the press, to develop the muscles of the waist and do the exercises with light weight. Keep in shape at the same time helps to relax the spine yoga. As for sports, it is best suited for the back swimming.

At least once a day stands out for 10 minutes to perform stretches.

Relieve stress in the spine helps to perform this exercise: join hands, fingers crossed, then pull them forward at chest level. Round the back so that she resembled his form letter "c", and stretch your arms as far as possible. Repeat 5 times.

Avoid accumulation of toxins

One can hardly argue with the fact that we consume food affects the health of our spine. Proper nutrition is just as important for the spine than good posture and exercise.

It is recommended to eliminate fat from your diet, refined and sugary foods. Also, you should avoid fried and fast food.

Such foods triggers the accumulation of toxins in the spine, which leads to various diseases and problems.

Recommended every day to drink vegetable juice with fresh ingredients. Include in your diet nuts (eg, almonds), blue fish (salmon), fresh fruit, and daily drink tekak at least 2 liters of water. This will help cleanse the body of accumulated toxins.

Maintain a normal weight

Most obese people have problems with the spine, and experiencing back pain. The fact that we weigh more, the greater the load experienced our spine. Because of the excess weight overtaxed our spine, leaving us aching.

If you are suffering completeness, sit on a diet to lose at least a few kilos.

Follow local massage

If you are concerned about back pain, consult a massage therapist who will help cure the contracture. It is important to remember that if the pain is too strong, you can not do a back massage.

To prevent back pain, some people prefer to visit a massage therapist once a week. Massage allows you to maintain muscle tone in the back and relaxes the spine. Through massage manages to relieve the tension, when it appears only and does not manage to cause serious damage to your back.

The most effective shiatsu, bio-energetic and relaxing massage. They allow you to tone up the spine, stimulate the excretion of accumulated toxins and remove pressure from the intervertebral space.

Do not lift gravity

If the work you have to lift heavy objects, do it right, taking the right position. Also, it is recommended to use a protective corset. Even if you need to lift weights only periodically, you must do it carefully.

To lift a heavy object, you need to sit down with your knees bent.

Try to squat as low as possible. Then grasp the object of his hands, as if hugging him.

Straighten your knees slowly, returning to the starting position.

Use natural supplements

Regarding food additives, the most useful for spinal considered magnesium, calcium, spirulina, brewer's yeast, flax seeds, salmon oil and vegetable oils.