Debunk the myth about fitness

Journal International Journal of Eating Disorders reported on a study conducted by Australian researchers from the University of Adelaide. Scientists came to the conclusion that the enthusiasm of people in fitness can be a sign of an unhealthy mind.

The authors of this work have been studying the phenomenon of the present day, as a demonstration of his passion for fitness in social networks. They found an interesting pattern: it turned out that the authors of blogs, regularly showing muscular figure, a workout in the gym and a healthy diet, are at high risk of mental disorders.

Scientists have gathered an audience of 100 women of middle age and with similar body mass index. Some of these participants published in his Instagram mostly photos of the "fitness inspiration", the other part - the pictures from his travels.

The survey of women have been tested for signs of eating disorders, such as the constant pursuit of thinness and build muscle, bulimia, dissatisfaction with their own bodies. The researchers also checked whether the women, the symptoms of compulsive (obsessive) behaviors.

The data showed that the zealous supporter of fitness, which serve as a role model for social networks, have the highest tendency to leanness and muscularity compared to the rest. But at the same time it is this category was subject to mental disorders in most.

"Women are constantly put in a fitness Instagram images, high risk behavior that represents for them a threat to the physical and mental. For public display of himself as a fitness guru, they hide the unhealthy things. Such women often present symptoms of bulimia, as well as signs of compulsive behavior associated with exercise. Every fifth with a high probability of setting a psychiatric diagnosis of "eating disorder" - shared the study's authors.