Scientists said the inability to lose weight perfectionists

Australian scientists have carried out research and found out what types of people most difficult to lose weight.

The Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIRO) has published results of a study on food habits and their impact on the process of losing weight.

Researchers surveyed 55000 people and based on their answers figured out, what type of people is difficult to lose weight. The most common type among those who find it difficult to lose weight, were perfectionists - due to the constant concern about the failure of unrealistic goals and they tend to overeat. They are followed by "possessed" great food and people are unable to control themselves, often obese.

Problems with losing weight, scientists have identified and those who are strict limits in food will not accept, and those who like to experiment with food. The least among the respondents were unable to plan meals. The study also showed that more than 50% of respondents took six or more attempts to lose weight, while 20% were trying to lose weight more than 25 times.