How to restore the intestinal microflora naturally

Improper diet and taking certain medications violates the intestinal flora. Experts advise how to restore the microflora of the most natural way.

The intestinal flora is a collection of microorganisms, which is formed in the body from the moment of birth. The microflora is formed gradually as the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

Factors that may alter or destroy the intestinal flora:

A diet rich in sugars and saturated fats.

Stress. It not only modifies the intestinal flora, but also reduces the body's defensive abilities.

Certain types of drugs, such as antibiotics.

Frequent bowel disorders.

Useful products, which will help restore the intestinal flora:

1. Drink at breakfast yogurt

If you want to improve the bacterial intestinal flora, one of the best products for this purpose would be yogurt. You can buy a ready-made yogurt, and you can prepare this drink yourself, buying only Kefir fungus.

The best time for receipt of yogurt - this morning. Desirably, fasting. Although it would be also a great snack.

2. Eat sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is an excellent source of probiotics to the body, and they are known to help "settle" the intestinal flora.

Today sauerkraut recipes can be found in abundance. Try not to buy the finished product, it is better zakvaste cabbage alone.

3. Seawater

Seawater is becoming more and more popular as an ingredient in a variety of recipes, and all thanks to its unique healing properties.

Unlike common salt, which contained only sodium chloride, sea water provides the body important minerals. They are absorbed through the intestinal wall, adjust the pH of the gastrointestinal tract and the whole body, but also improve the intestinal transit (peristalsis).

4. Additives

If you need to colonize the intestinal flora for several days, for example after the disease or medication, it is possible to use natural ingredients.