Experts explain why sound sleep - the best cure for overeating

The importance of healthy sleep and its impact on biological processes in the body Much has been written. But have you wondered how lack of sleep can be associated with the fact that you want something sweet, starchy foods or fried - especially from the fast food?

Studies, University of Chicago found that lack of sleep can cause cravings for harmful food, especially flour. Craving for not fast carbohydrates in a person does not sleep is increased by 45%.

You are wrong if you think that reducing the time to sleep, you can do a lot of cases, or to achieve more. Lack of sleep is not only harmful to health, and therefore productivity. In addition, you aggravate cravings for unhealthy food.

There are four main reasons why you should sleep more:

1. Good sleep helps control appetite

With proper sleep the body regulates the action of hormones. Did you know that just a few sleepless nights increase the level of ghrelin - the hormone responsible for the increase in appetite? Group sleep study in Wisconsin found that people who slept five hours a day, ghrelin level was 14.9% higher than that of those who rest for 8 hours.

Lack of sleep not only explains the changes in the level of the hormone ghrelin, but also sheds light on an increase in body mass index (BMI). Perhaps now it is clear why among those who sleep little, more often obese people!

So after active fun at the club, studying at night or unnormalized working on a new project it is important to compensate for the lack of a long sleep. And it is better to avoid problems with lack of sleep, properly organize your day.

2. Sleep helps to signal satiety

Go back to hormones. The hormones that affect our appetite, help regulate the sense of fullness and satisfaction. A few sleepless nights may bring down the level of leptin - a hormone that regulates energy metabolism and is responsible for the feeling of satiety.

Wisconsin study found that subjects who slept 5 hours per day, the level of leptin was 15.5% lower than those who slept for 8 hours.

When we were little we sleep, the body needs additional energy supply. Therefore, because we want to eat more, if we do not get enough sleep. In this case a feeling of satiety is reached when the body gets in the number of calories needed to restore energy balance.

3. Sleep affects our choices

No wonder that poor sleep can impair the memory, affect mood. Often we feel tired, distracted. Incidentally, it may even lead to accidents! Lack of sleep affects a person's immune system may increase the risk of disease and even reduce our sexual desire.

Also, lack of sleep affects the way that we choose ourselves as food. You probably noticed that when you are tired, it is likely that during the working break you prefer to snack (tea or coffee and a chocolate bar from a vending machine) than something useful, but it requires some effort to prepare.

4. Healthy sleep eliminates the need for a snack

The lack of sleep drives people to overeating. Those who sleeps little, often make up for lack of sleep harmful sugary and salty foods with high concentrations of fat, according to a study published in the journal ?Sleep?.

It is also interesting to another study conducted by the University of Chicago Clinical Research Center. The subjects participated in two four-day sessions.

In the first session, people should be every night for 8.5 hours in bed (the average sleep time - 7.5 hours). In the second session, participants were required to stay in bed for 4.5 hours (mean sleep time - 4.2 hours). During both sessions, participants received the same amount of food.

However, according to information received during the second session, the subjects consumed 300 more calories. In particular, more often diverted to snack during the day, with snacks consisted entirely of junk food.

A few simple tips on how to improve your sleep and keep health:

Start restore mode: go to bed 10-15 minutes before the usual time. Ideally, the bed should be conducted at 7-8 hours. You will notice a burst of energy and vigor, productivity will increase. You will eat less snacks.

Try to eat no later than two hours before bedtime. By the way, often late snacking out of control and you cram side calories.

Come up with a sleep ritual. For example, take a bath, listen to music, drink herbal tea and meditate for 10 minutes. So you can better tune in to sleep, you will fall asleep faster and stronger.

Take away all the gadgets. All smartphones and tablets prevent you from sleep, emitting a bright light. According to the National Sleep Foundation, and other smart phones flashing electronics at night, as well as sounds and vibrations which they produce, awaken our brain. For this reason, many of the people who surrounds himself with night electronic devices, complain of poor sleep.

To keep yourself in a beautiful body and a healthy spirit is important to get enough sleep. Get enough sleep - it is an opportunity to "reset" the brain without leaving on vacation. Then every morning is good, you will be full of new ideas, and you have enough energy for a thousand cases.