Products that will save your morning even after the noisiest

Anyone who has ever woke up with a terrible headache after a noisy celebration, perfectly represents what an evil morning. Reasons for a hangover may be different: the intolerance of toxins formed in the body, even when a small amount of alcohol consumed, or, on the contrary, it is expected the body and torment the conscience of those who yesterday tried to combine incongruous and, as a consequence, are mixed and moved.

Do not rush in batches swallow aspirin or tsitramon: we will tell you about the 10 outstanding products that are guaranteed to help you overcome the hangover.

Mineral water

Water - the first to be pulled so that your hands the next morning after a night of having fun, and that's not surprising: alcohol promotes fluid excretion from the body, and a dehydrated body suffers from the so-called "dead wood".

Drink mineral water: not only does it make up for lost reserves the elixir of life, but also to restore the acid-alkaline balance in the body. Life hacking: Next time, drink a glass or two of water before collapsing to sleep - a hangover will not be so cruel.

Ginger and mint tea

Fresh herbal tea brew should be more, but if you find the strength to accomplish such a feat, the effect of healing drink does not make you wait.

Scientists who conducted the special studies claim that ginger tea helps to cope with nausea and dizziness, and fragrant mint tea will relieve you from pain and discomfort in the stomach and also reduce the feeling of nausea.

Chicken broth

This dish has a reputation of this panacea in the fight against any kind of hangover and severity. We saved them mostly during the winter holidays, but it is not useless to take note of the simple and tasty recipe for chicken stock that is guaranteed to ease your condition a gloomy morning.

The magical properties of this unpretentious broth boil down to the fact that he will establish the water-salt balance, and cysteine ??contained in chicken, to receive medical treatment your tired liver from alcohol.


As well as chicken, eggs are rich in cysteine, which primarily will be useful to your liver, protecting it from the harmful effects of alcohol toxins.

By the way, the well-known folk remedy for a hangover for the most desperate - to drink before the meal or in the midst of a raw egg. But remember that raw eggs poorly absorbed by the body and therefore it is better to eat a couple of hard-boiled eggs in the morning on an empty stomach.


If the number of your unchanging habits includes a cup of strong coffee in the morning, do not make an exception for a hangover in the morning.

The invigorating drink will charge your body with energy, and in the company of aspirin would be a powerful tool, and is guaranteed to work for a headache, weakness and dizziness.


Smoothies quickly help the body make up the balance of vitamins and nutrients, giving us a huge charge of vivacity and good mood.

Any drink will do. Choose a recipe that you like, and treat your hangover tasty and nutritious. The only difficulty in the way to this pleasant recovery - and find the necessary ingredients to prepare and send them into a blender.


Bananas are rich in potassium, which your body lost due to severe dehydration. This hearty fruit will help you relieve the main symptoms of hangover - nausea and heartburn, simultaneously charging the us vitamins.

Prepare banana smoothie: delicious and nutritious, this drink definitely save your morning and will give you courage.


Just as bananas, avocado contains a lot of potassium - the main element responsible for a rapid recovery of vital forces.

Avocado saturate the body with essential fatty acids and essential vitamins that uniquely positive impact on your health.

Fruit and vegetable juices

Fructose contained in fruit juices, instantly energize you, normalizes balance blood sugar levels and saturate weakened body with vitamins and minerals.

At strong dehydration of fruit juices will also be your lifesaver. Prepare fresh vitamin drinks not only fruit, but also vegetables: By the way, the tomato juice will cope with a hangover is best.


This fish contains basic substances, saving us from a hangover: B vitamins, which effectively fight toxins.

In addition, salmon - a rich source of beneficial omega-3 fats, which certainly will benefit not only your nails and hair, but also exhausted the body as a whole.