Scientists: crying protect against heart attack

According to scientists at the University of Minnesota, crying can improve mood and has beneficial effects on health. Such a conclusion is made on the basis of experts study analyzes, in which tears have reduced the sense of tension and anger in 88.8% of patients, reported The Times of India.

Most men and some women try to restrain emotions and tears as a sign of weakness. However, crying is, according to scientists, the body's natural defenses, helping to reduce pain and relieve stress. Restrain tears harmful as negative emotions accumulate, can do emotional instability, irritation, anger and a permanent character trait.

Scientists say that some of the compounds, the level of which increases in the body during emotional stress, are removed during the weeping tears. Accumulated stress increases the risk of heart attack and brain injuries.

When mourning the person's breathing becomes deeper, which also reduces stress, lowering the level of stress hormone.