Named seven serious consequences of lack of sleep

Sleep is important for health. This physiological need to ensure the regulation of biological rhythms, which are very important for all bodily functions. Perhaps anyone who has ever in my life experienced the consequences of lack of sleep - reduced activity, lethargy and sleepiness. It is easy to fix a rest.

But what are the consequences of constant lack of sleep? A person must rest for 7 to 9 hours. However, when we do not have the time to work, we first of all to reduce their hours of sleep. This habit entails serious and negative implications for health.

1. Reduced immunity

During sleep, the body produces cytokines - chemicals that help the immune system to fight infections and viruses. Furthermore, the quality of sleep is associated with the formation of antibodies after vaccination.

2. Overweight

People who sleep less than five hours a day twice obesity risk than those who are poured. Lack of sleep impairs the secretion of hormones that cause hunger and a feeling of fullness, which often leads to overeating.

3. The likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease

Lack of sleep can affect the increase in heart rate and blood pressure. These factors contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease.

4. The risk of diabetes

Another consequence of the lack of sleep due to the risk of developing diabetes.

Studies show that the human body, for at least five hours sleep a day is able to transform the glucose worse, which leads to an increase in blood sugar levels.

5. Premature aging

When we sleep in the body increases the hormone level, providing skin elasticity, which plays an important role in preventing wrinkles.

Furthermore, the sleep stimulating cell regeneration and reduces the effects of free radicals on the skin.

6. The development of osteoporosis

Lack of sleep inhibits the formation of bone mass, which eventually causes a reduction in bone mass. This leads to a number of diseases affecting the bone including osteoporosis.

7. Depression

The consequences of lack of sleep affects not only the physical condition. Depression is one of the most common side effects of lack of sleep. In addition, psychological disorders caused by a decrease in sleep, creates ideal conditions for the development of various mental disorders.