Scientists told why tea with milk is bad for health

The researchers reported that they were able to figure out how to milk tea is harmful to health: it turned out that to combine these two drinks are not worth it, because it does not multiply their useful properties, but on the contrary, makes the drink harmful.

According to a scientific publication, many people love to dilute milk tea, but it can be fraught with some danger. We are talking about the benefits for the stomach: it was found that white tea can be harmful to the human digestive system. And besides, a mixture that looks quite acceptable, in fact, it is very difficult to digest by the body.

Scientists have conducted a series of studies to reach this conclusion.

They note that it is really tasty drink, but those who regularly consume large amounts of tea with milk, it is worth thinking about how to give up this since no benefit from this body is not, but the harm the digestive system can drink.

And in some cases, such a mixture can cause the formation of kidney stones, which is even more serious consequences than a little indigestion.

In addition, the scientists say that the approach to the mixing of different drinks at all costs very carefully, because it may lead to unpredictable results. They say that tea is traditionally drunk with lemon and honey and coffee with milk. Add in the tea and coffee the other components is always dangerous because it is not clear how the chemical reaction happens after that.

Lovers of tea with milk, scientists recommend drinking these drinks separately from each other, only then can save their useful properties.