How to keep the data itself promises: 7 tips

We strongly believe that we will fulfill them, and enthusiastically undertake the business. Only for some reason this very soon lose our enthusiasm and under any pretext throw begun. Only one way out - consciously strengthen the motivation

Lose weight, I will regularly go to the pool, learn a second language There just tempting promises we have from time to time do not give yourself! But time passes, and very soon it turns out that our enthusiasm waned.

Easily are compelling justification, to pull good initiative on the brakes. And then comes the price paid in a month or so, we suddenly recalls, criticize themselves for lack of will, feel guilty Actually, the problem is the same: we will somehow lose motivation.

But there is good news: the motivation can be consciously maintained and strengthened. And here are some tips that can help.

1. BELIEVE THAT YOUR volitional resources are infinite

It sounds overly optimistic? Nevertheless, it is true. Previously it was believed that willpower - a finite resource. There was even a term - "ego depletion". He meant that, for example, if now you have collected will in a fist, and avoid the temptation to eat the bun, then later on you do not have enough moral strength to refuse dessert.

However, recent studies refute this presumption. For example, the University of Zurich and Stanford University psychologists have found that volitional resources still unlimited - but not everyone, but only those who believe in it. Such people often get their way, they face less burnout, and in general they feel happier.

2. Reflect, how do you want to see yourself in the future

Research has shown that a clear understanding of what we want to become in the future, seriously affects our behavior in the present. It should reflect the feelings you will experience at the same time, your whole life will change. It stimulates the ability to control their behavior in the present.

Act now as if you are the man I want to be.

3. team up with friends

Control by - a useful thing. For example, if we dream of sports success, the joint training and occurring at the same time the spirit of competition are pushing us to engage as much as possible.

If your plans are not related to sports, you can just talk regularly to someone from friends about how things are going, what are your achievements. In an extreme case, simply "to report" themselves in the diary.

4. Break the enormity of the task into smaller

Scale problem unwittingly cause us fear and uncertainty. Small is good because they look quite achievable and therefore not afraid. Compare: "I want to completely switch to a healthy diet and lose weight at 25 kg" and "This week I have three days of non-nutritive food will cook."

When we do what is planned (even if it is a mere trifle), dopamine levels rise, so we feel a sense of satisfaction, pleasure and pride in their achievements. And those feelings, in turn, act as fuel that enables us not to stop there and move forward in the direction of our makrotseli.


We need to be rewarded for their efforts, and to the global result is usually not a short path. To strengthen its own determination to achieve the goal, encourage yourself for any length of passage of the way. Sign up for a class, which dreamed of (hello, aerial yoga!), Or in a cooking school (goodbye, c pizza delivered to your door!).

You will be step by step to move towards the goals and reap the rewards along the way. Studies confirm that it is a great way to not give up the job.

6. REMEMBER THAT NEVER too late to start changing life

Not so bad that you are stalled. This does not mean that you give up. If you have failed or even decided to revise their goals, there is nothing stopping to sit down and re-write a list of tasks.

How do I find psychologists from Rutgers University in New Jersey, after the failure, we continue to pursue the goal of becoming even more insistent - in those cases, when we see or feel that they can control the situation.

So do not stop and keep trying. Your goal is worth it.