Named cereals, contribute to weight loss

American nutritionists have called the most preferred method of use of cereals and their products, contributing, in particular, weight loss. Proper research is published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition journal, a brief about it informs EurekAlert!

According to the authors, the most beneficial to health are whole grains, that is not the last treatment (crushing and purification), cereals. They promote weight loss and reduce the risk of cardio-vascular system.

By their conclusions, scientists have watched eight weeks of the diet 81 volunteers aged 40-65 years. During the first two weeks, participants ate about the same foods containing processed grains. Thereafter, they were divided into two groups, 40 and 41 people. The first remained on the same diet, and the latter began to use only whole grains. Diet groups was similar in other respects, in particular, equally balanced content of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

It turned out that participants in the second group of the intestines contain a large number of bacteria and less Lachnospiraceae - Enterbacteriaceae. The first micro-organisms favor the normal pH, the second - contribute to the development of inflammatory processes. In addition, the effect of the consumption of whole grains reduces the total energy value of the daily diet for about a hundred calories (roughly equivalent to an intense walking for half an hour).

The authors recommend include in the diet, particularly from whole wheat products, brown rice and oats. Differences between treated and untreated grains according to scientists, is that the latter contain less fiber and micronutrients.