How unusual use salt

The kitchen salt - the most indispensable product, but few people know how many problems that go far beyond the kitchen, can solve the most common table salt.

We describe situations in which even a pinch of salt may be totally irreplaceable and why this product should always be the hostess at hand.

Prevent spattering oil

If you often something roast, surely you are familiar with the problem of ubiquitous splashes of fiery heat of vegetable or olive oil.

The easiest way to avoid this trouble and keep the plate clean - add a pinch of salt directly into the oil warms up. So it will not be sprayed, and you will be able to spread the food in the pan, without fear of getting burned or getting dirty.

Remove the burnt milk

Spraying oil may seem far from this unpleasant phenomenon, as the stains of burnt milk on the stove.

Fortunately, a simple salt and cool to cope with such a misfortune: Wet the stain with water, then sprinkle them white seasoning. After waiting a few minutes, you can easily remove all contamination.

Faster cleaning eggs.

In order to process eggs cleaning was no longer so tedious, we suggest you use salt.

Add it into the water when you start cooking the eggs. The salt will make the shell tight, and so the eggs will crack less likely. But the main thing - to clean them after cooking in salt water will be much easier and faster.

Block out a small fire

If you cook extreme, and it so happens that in your kitchen fire breaks out (for example, from ignition of oil in a frying pan), do not panic, but always keep in readiness a jar with salt.

Generously pour salt source of fire: fire instantly calm down due to lack of heat and oxygen, and you do not have time to ignite it stronger.

Clean the iron

In order to make the soleplate shine and remove from it all the dirt, you do not need anything but a certain amount of salt.

Make maximum temperature on the iron, make sure that the steam function off, pour salt on a piece of cardboard or paper and a good "progladte" her iron.

Remove the water stains from wood countertops

Sometimes it is not enough simply to walk with a damp cloth on wood furniture to get rid of some contaminants - such as traces of dirty glasses of water or divorce.

Mix salt with water and mix thoroughly, but gently wipe the countertop with such a solution with a soft cloth or sponge.

Clean utensils and copper coating

Table salt in combination with lemon juice or vinegar gives a lethal mixture of cleaning, which handle almost any spots on your dishes or, for example, a copper kettle.

Mix the two ingredients, wipe the soiled surface, and see that the plaque will begin to disappear before our eyes.

To achieve a perfect sheen bathroom

If you have at hand was not any cleaning agents, glossing tarnished bath salt use.

Make a solution of salt and turpentine and vinegar in a ratio of 1 to 1 sponge distribute it in the bathroom, wait a bit, and then proceed with the cleaning. Rinse with warm water solution. Bath will shine like new. Incidentally, this same mixture copes with rust.

Struggling with mold

Again, salt saves the bathroom: to curtain in the bathroom never was covered with mold, wash it with salt water.

Mixing salt and lemon juice, you can easily remove the mold, even with the tiles and joints between it.

Relieves itching after mosquito bites

Although the "mosquito" season not soon, and is useful to know about this effective way of getting rid of itching, harassing us for a long time after insect bites.

If the hand you did not have any special ointments, use salt: Wet finger dip in salt and strike the bite.