Spaying threatening heart problems

Researchers from the University of Warwick have discovered during their research unexpected connection: between the removal of the ovaries in women and the risk of heart disease.

According to the scientific journal, published an article with the results of the study, it was attended by volunteers up to 50 years. All of these women previously spayed and they were regularly examined by doctors.

It was found that the risk of heart disease in these women was in the order of magnitude higher than those who did not have ovarian hysterectomy.

Such women are more likely to experience heart problems, indicating that the increased risk of diseases of the body after such an operation.

Now scientists are trying to find out the cause of such a link, because it is not so straightforward.
In addition, it appears that as a result of this type of intervention may develop cervical cancer. 40% removal of the ovaries related to the subsequent development of various kinds of pathologies.

As scientists say, the whole thing in violation of hormonal background, which affects the work of all systems of the body, breaking them.

According to doctors, this situation is especially worth to be careful to women aged 35-50 years, as particularly high risk in such a case, the emergence of various kinds of Oncology.

Also, scientists are advised before you decide to undergo surgery a detailed survey and consult with a specialist. And if you can not avoid surgery after her more closely monitor their health and undergo regular check-ups.