Neuropathic pain: what is it, and how to overcome it

Perhaps the term "neuropathic pain" seems to be a stranger to you. If we have a little reveal it and tell you about the pain, itching and numbness of the hands and feet, which are enhanced at night, perhaps this issue will seem closer.

Neuropathic pain - a disorder that resembles an electric discharge. For no apparent reason, you start to feel the itching and tingling, which may disappear in a few weeks.

However, the discomfort will soon return and become more intense. In some cases they are so strong that they do not allow us to sleep, and deprive us of a full night's rest.

Neuropathic pain occurs in 10% of the population. Because of it, a man greatly reduced quality of life. Also it should be noted that effective drugs that would completely defeat this problem once and for all, so far does not exist.

This disorder can be accompanied by other symptoms, which are not worth remembering.

If you are familiar this problem, we recommend that you apply to a good specialist. There are a number of different therapeutic approaches. The doctor will be able to choose the one that more than any other accounts for your individual characteristics.

Experts spoke about neuropathic pain, and explain why it tends to intensify at night.

The causes of neuropathic pain

Neuropathic pain occurs as a result of small changes in the nervous system. By this disorder are prone people suffering from chronic pain.

In some cases, the unpleasant symptoms of neuropathic pain attributed spinal pathologies.

Also neuropathic pain may be associated with immune system diseases or disorders of the peripheral nerves function.

Very often, this pathology affects the trigeminal facial nerve or intercostal nerve.

This is a rather complex disorder. It would be a mistake to assume his usual numbness of hands and feet.

Only a specialist is able to make the correct diagnosis, taking into account all available symptoms.

What are the symptoms of neuropathic pain is accompanied by?

Neuropathic pain is chronic. As we said at the outset, it appears to recede, but then comes back again. Patients suffering from this disorder are constantly complaining about the fact that at night the pain becomes unbearable.

Pain thus affect not only the foot and hand. As a result, the disorder can change the perception of external influences over the human body, due to which even a light touch causes pain.

Why pain worse at night?

Experts believe that to correctly diagnose neuropathic pain is not so simple. This is due to the following reasons:

This type of pain is not related to any bones, nor to the joints. It is about the nerves and glia, in other words, the sensitivity of the glial cells.

This pain is impossible to appease by means of ordinary aspirin. Very often patients are desperate to find a cure that could soothe the pain.

Little by little patients lose faith in the success of the treatment and they released his hands.

It is worth noting that the increased pain at night due to the static position of the human body. During the day, we are constantly on the move and our body manage to drown these painful impulses.

When a person is resting and his body motionless, electrical pulses are amplified. Muscles remain relaxed and focused discomfort mainly in the extremities - hands and feet.

Thus, the human body becomes hypersensitive night. Patients have a feeling of needles all over his body.

Is there an effective treatment for neuropathic pain?

We are dealing with chronic pain. This means that such pain, sometimes depriving us of sleep, rest and strength, will accompany us forever.

This does not mean you have to give up and sit idly by. If you encounter this problem, do not despair and continue to search for treatment that can return the old life.

This struggle - a private matter of each of us. This means that even if your friend makes certain treatments, it may be inefficient to you.

Pay attention to the following types of therapies that may be helpful:

Treatment medicines. The treatment medication can not guarantee absolute disappearance of neuropathic pain. However, it is necessary to try various drugs such as steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or other medications that can recommend treating physician.

Physiotherapy massage, hot and cold compresses. It can bring a good result. Also, you can help and active physiotherapy - exercise.

Surgical intervention. Medical Officer may consider the possibility of surgery, allowing to find the problem area, to eliminate the problem and save you from the pain.

Neurostimulator also give hope for a high quality of life recovery. Their function is that they send light electrical impulses to the epidural space of the spine.

Thus, severe pain gives way to easy, almost imperceptibly, tingling.

Neuropathic pain is a complicated phenomenon, and there are many ways to treat it.

Therefore, it is best to not be limited to one type of its treatment, and try different types of therapy. This will help you find the type of treatment, it is best to consider your individual characteristics. As a result, you will be able to return to active and interesting life, in which there will be a place of pain.