Products that can be stored for longer than directed on the label

From time to time it is recommended to arrange an audit of the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets and without regret to part with expired products. But what if it turns out that all of a sudden among the "illiquid" found to have not printed a jar with an edible-looking content, whether it is possible in this case, a departure from the rigid rules?

The well-known nutritionist and author of The Small Change Diet Keri Gans believes that sometimes the expiration date indicated on the nutritional value of the product rather than its suitability for use. These products have an increased shelf life, and here it is necessary to focus primarily on the integrity of the packaging, change in color and odor. If these products meet all these criteria, even after the expiration date on the package, do not rush to send them in the trash - they can still be useful to you.


In a dry, cool place rice will feel perfectly at least another 16 months, and then all 18. Periodically, it is necessary to check for the presence of bugs. Unpolished rice is kept smaller, consume it is recommended for 6 months.


In a dry, ventilated place nuts in the shell can lie up to 2 years. Shelf life peeled nuts is much lower and amounts to no more than 9 months.

Soy sauce

Traditional Asian cuisine for a liquid seasoning obtained by fermentation of soybeans under the influence of particular fungi of the genus Aspergillus. The sealed dark liquid with a characteristic flavor can be stored for a long time. But from the moment you open the sauce, you will have about 3 years to prevent the gulf contents of the bottle.


After the prepared fish are displayed on the banks are removed from the air and sterilized. This protects the product from damage and the penetration of bacteria. Since packing canned fish can be stored up to 3 years, but with unsuitable temperature shelf life greatly reduced. With canned fish better not to experiment, if there is any doubt maleshie immediately throw away from sin.

Worcestershire sauce

Sweet and sour sauce English in its composition contains a large amount of salt and vinegar. They act as a preservative, which allows to store safely closed bottle of sauce for five years.


Usually on the package indicated that from the time of manufacturing corn starch can be used within 24 months. In fact, when stored with a clear conscience can multiply this period is at least two.


For sugar is extremely important to observe the temperature. If it will not react with moisture and room temperature optimum (around 24 degrees) will be maintained, without prejudice to the taste sugar can be stored up to 8 years.

Dried vegetables

Unlike their fresh counterparts, dried vegetables contain almost no water. in a sealed package Past freeze-drying vegetables do not deteriorate during prolonged storage and can safely wait for their time in the pantry up to 8 years.


Pots with honey even found in Egyptian tombs. At the same time thousands of years of exposure the product was suitable for use. And all because due to the low moisture content and acidic pH of honey does not deteriorate over the years. However, over time it loses its beneficial properties and began to crystallize.