Scientists told why men can not worry

Scientists from England reported that they conducted a series of studies that have shown that the experience is incredibly dangerous for men.

At the same time, according to scientists, it is not only bad effects of stress on the body and nervous system disorders, as well as in the fact that men are constantly anxious about anything, then more likely to die from cancer.

On average, statistics show, these men die from cancer are twice as likely than those who do not survive because of the current problems. British scientists at Cambridge University conducted a study in which several thousand people took part.

It was found that men with a nervous disorder is much more common cancers of various kinds.

Scientists say they have discovered zaimozavisimost between mental illness and cancer, which persists regardless of factors such as bad habits and physical activity. At the same time, the dependence is typical for men and not for women, although stress is also a negative impact on their overall condition of the body, but do not cause them oncology and do not increase the risk of its occurrence, as it does in men.

Scientists say that it should pay more attention than it is currently. In addition, they intend to continue research to understand the reason of such a relationship and learn how to prevent cancer in those who are at risk due to nervous disorders.