Posts in social networks talk about sexual problems

Posts left by people in the network blogs can produce intimate secrets of their respective owners. The mechanism of this relationship was investigated by a team of scientists from the University of Massachusetts, USA.

Indeed, the user accounts in social networks are non-verbal reflection of their sexual needs, stated as a result of the researchers. Especially clearly noticeable on the women's publications and posts for personal blogs.

According to the authors of the project, the fair sex is most often seen this pattern: the selfie often published - the higher the degree of dissatisfaction in sex. This may be due to the fact that women in relationships exalt the role of physical attractiveness, and lack of quality sex more often start to take pictures, to convince himself his own irresistible and attract attention, is that of the protective psychological mechanism, scientists believe.

In men, they said, in this regard, the situation is different.

"82 percent of the selfie lovers were extremely dissatisfied with sex lives, or does it not have, whereas men often make self-portraits, such a result was at 60 per cent of respondents," - shared Representatives of the University of Massachusetts.

In addition, other researchers have studied the characteristic habits of bloggers. They specifically found that avid fans of citations often are the most sexually sandwiched people, and the fans' mimishnyh "images, such as seals, have a tendency to polygamous.

Those who prefer to publish on its pages pictures of beautiful scenery instead of Self, according to scientists, "or happy with your partner, or do not have sex at all, but did not suffer because of this."