10 foods that should not be stored in the refrigerator

There are a number of products that we habitually or on the advice of their parents continue to be stored in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, they belong in the storeroom. Why chocolate and tomatoes should not be out in the cold, and the Basilica, and the honey is better to find a place warmer - experts explain.


The moisture in the refrigerator is not the best companion for onions freshness. Because of her plants becomes soft and perishable, becoming unfit for consumption. In addition, excessive humidity promotes the growth of harmful bacteria and promotes the prompt zaplesneveniyu. It is best to store the onions in a dry and cool place. But do not put it next to the potatoes. When coupled with both storage shelf life is shortened twice.


Coffee in no case be stored in the refrigerator, if your goal is, of course, does not absorb through them unpleasant smell from other foods. Grains from the cold and moisture quickly lose their flavor, and absorb all odors. It is best to keep the coffee in a dark, cool and dry place or if you need to save up for better times is really a large amount of grain that will be lost in the air, stick them in the freezer. Chances of survival there is many times more.

Olive oil

The first and most important rule in the storage of olive oil - is the observance of a temperature mode. Optimally - + 12-16 degrees. In the refrigerator oil may also start to flake, it may start to appear sediment, as well as possible changes in the product consistency from liquid to a dense.


As cut flowers, basil is best stored in a container with water, lowering its stems to the nutrient liquid. The refrigerator also leaves quickly wither, lose flavor and will eventually absorb odors, which obviously would not be in favor of the freshness of the product.


With the right method of storing honey shelf life is almost endless. Keep it in densely veiled jar lid in a dark place at room temperature. The cold and moisture of the refrigerator, on the other hand will facilitate product separation and change its taste.

[/b] Chocolate.

At low temperatures, it is covered with white bloom unpleasant. There is this due to the fact that the cold and freeze the moisture on the surface of the chocolate crystals begin to appear sucrose. As a consequence, a delicacy loses its taste and presentation.

[b] Garlic

In the fridge it will begin to grow at an unprecedented rate. Moisture will also help to ensure that the garlic will quickly become soft and inedible. It is necessary to you? The main recommendation - to keep the garlic in a dry place inaccessible to moisture. By the way, we can together with the onion.


According to popular belief, in the refrigerator avocados ripen faster and become more delicious. In fact, this is one of the most extravaganza errors. Immature avocado, of course, will be softer in the refrigerator, but it will not be in the maturation and the moisture, which is absorbed into the fruit through the rind. So it is better to leave avocados ripen in the open air. And here is a ripe fruit that you do not want to have right now, it can be put into one of the lower drawers of the refrigerator.


We decided to put the potatoes in the refrigerator? Be prepared for the fact that soon he will be sweet and crumbly. Remember that the faster the cold starch is converted to sugar. The ideal way to store potatoes - is put it in a paper bag and place where would be cool, but not freezing.


In the refrigerator Tomatoes lose all their taste, since cold air stops the ripening process. Cold and humid air also adversely affects the texture of the pulp of tomato.