8 obvious symptoms of lung cancer

About 8 most common symptoms of lung cancer have told experts in the treatment of this disease in Germany.

1. Chronic cough. Speech on coughing, which in itself does not disappear after two or three weeks, or becomes more intense. It is especially dangerous when chronic cough also causes chest pain.

2. Blood in the sputum. Some cancer victims when coughing sputum revealed traces of blood. This is one of the most characteristic symptoms of lung cancer, for which you should immediately consult your doctor.

3. Shortness of breath. Wheezing or shortness of breath often occurs in diseases of the lungs. Often accompanied by shortness of breath and progression of lung cancer.

4. Change the faces and voices. If a person shows a significant change of voice that suddenly becomes hoarse or whistling, as well as swelling of face, hands and feet, it may be due to a serious illness. Changing the tone of voice, and abnormal breathing quite often observed in lung cancer.

5. Persistent infection. Due to impaired immunity and lack of energy in people with lung cancer grows and the likelihood of recurrence of infections. Most often they are faced with infections of the respiratory system such as bronchitis. In some cases, abnormal accumulation of fluid in the chest also cause pneumonia.

6. Pain in the bones. This symptoms of lung cancer in the later stages, in which the pain observed not only in the chest, but in the joints, bones and back ribs. At this stage of the process of developing metastatic lung tumors.

7. Neurological symptoms. When metastatic cancer cells can enter the nervous system that affects the occurrence of neurological disorders. These include headaches, dizziness, seizures, loss of coordination, and numbness of the hands and feet.

8. Edema. At a late stage of the disease lumps in the neck and armpits talk about cancer spread to the lymphatic system. Often it is manifested by edema of the upper body, especially the face and neck, and hands.