Three of the best type of massage for the face in the winter

Any woman, regardless of age dreams of a smooth, beautiful and healthy skin. Perfect skin gets not all, so sooner or later each of us begin to disturb the first wrinkles, dull color, or change the oval face, swelling, loss of skin tone.

Along with proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and picked up right cosmetics for care, it is an effective and facial massage.

Cosmetic facial massage can improve blood circulation and metabolism, and normalizes the release of metabolic products of the process. It helps to get rid of swelling and facial wrinkles, restore skin tone and give it smoothness, firmness and elasticity.

With 25 years it is possible to conduct courses beauty massage in order to maintain the correct oval face and prevent age-related changes. After 30 years of massage can be used as part of an anti-aging program.

Among the many varieties of modern massage can be divided into 3 main types.

Classic massage

Mainly used for women 25-30 years old. It is effective in the fight against the first age wrinkles and aging skin. Maybe back tone dry and sensitive skin. This type of massage is contraindicated in acute degree of acne, herpes, skin lesions, as well as at elevated pressure.

Plucked massage

Plucked massage is recommended for adolescents and women over 30 years with a variety of skin imperfections. It is very effective for acne, excessive sebum secretion, circulatory disorders and various inflammations. Plucked massage is contraindicated in various disorders of the skin and herpes.

Sculptural or plastic massage

This type of massage beauticians recommend that women aged 35-40 or at an earlier age in the case of violation of an oval face. In addition, this type of massage is effective in the fight against mimic wrinkles, pigment spots, edema. Plastic massage is indicated for sagging and thinning skin prone to fading. Contraindications acute stage of acne, herpes and skin injuries.

All kinds of massage should be done by a professional expert who individually select not only the type of massage, but also the duration of the course and the required cosmetics.