Mode of 1200 calories a day will not help to lose weight

Rigid diets are ineffective in the fight against obesity, as the experts stress. Eating 1200 calories a day will not help to lose weight, but have a negative impact on fertility.

More recently, scientists have shown that physical activity plays a small role in the fight against excess weight, but the main importance is the diet. And now the Australian dietitian Cara Landau said that diet is not so important for weight loss. According to her, eating 1200 calories a day instead of the 2000 - a bad choice for people who want to lose weight. With this diet hard, they lose a lot of useful nutrients that help maintain health.

Limiting the number of calories, according to Kara, produces a negative impact on health, and all lost weight fairly quickly return. She points out that many diet products do contain a small number of calories, but also a small amount of nutrients, which is why they can not be enough. All this contributes to overeating. In these products, a low amount of proteins, probiotics, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Meanwhile, those nutrients essential for energy conservation level concentration and anti-spasm hungry.

Instead, Kara recommends to follow a fully balanced diet, rich in various nutrients, refusing to count calories. Only this will help to maintain a sufficient level of energy. Lack of energy, coupled with a shortage of certain nutrients have a negative effect on blood circulation and even reduces the chances of a woman to have a baby. For the production of hormones necessary healthy fats, and they are almost completely eliminate those people, who adhere to a diet to 1200 calories per day.