Frozen aloe vera gel: discover its benefits!

Each of us knows how great the benefits of aloe vera gel to human health. Its beneficial properties virtually incalculable.

Freezing aloe vera gel allows you to extract the maximum benefit from this medicinal plant. You can use frozen aloe for various purposes.

Aloe Vera is used for skin care and cleansing the digestive system.

The pulp of this plant resembles a gel to keep sometimes not so simple.

Fortunately, such a technique as freezing preserves aloe vera fresh without losing its beneficial properties.

Make it pretty easy, and as a result you will always be at your fingertips is a medicinal plant that allows care for the skin care and health care.

Why is it recommended to freeze aloe vera

Due to its healing properties of aloe vera it works pretty fast.

Unfortunately, for a long storage, exposure to low temperatures, ultraviolet rays, wind, dust and other factors leads to the fact that aloe vera gel loses its effectiveness.

Here again there is a question about the freezing of aloe vera.

There are other alternatives that would preserve the plant. So, you can heat it up and leave in the tank, keep the temperature.

How to freeze aloe vera

The first step is to gather the stems of the plant.

Aloe vera grows 2-3 times a year, it is recommended to collect leaves during the first flowering.

When the desired amount is collected, remove them from the surface of the skin well-sharpened knife. Be careful not to damage the structure of the plant.

After removing the skin with a spoon collect the clear aloe vera gel and place it in a plastic container. Desirably, the container had a few cells. For example, for this purpose you can use the mold for ice.

Aloe gel is soft, so it can be easily stored in tanks of any shape. This does not cause any problems.

When all the cells tins are filled with ice, remove it in the freezer.
In the freezer compartment of the refrigerator aloe vera gel can be stored as long as necessary.

How to use aloe vera

Freezing aloe vera allows to permanently preserve the beneficial properties of this plant. But that is not all.

As a result of such storage it also improves consistency.

After refrigerated storage, aloe vera gel is easier to use. So, you only get a cube of frozen gel as a few minutes, he will once again resemble a jelly.

The beneficial properties of aloe vera

Aloe vera is recommended for the treatment of lung burns.

Applying a small amount of the gel to the wound allows to relieve the pain and avoid possible unpleasant consequences of burns.

Before applying aloe vera should be well washed the affected area.

Aloe vera is also used in the treatment of varicose veins.

Because high blood pressure, varicose veins may become inflamed. It threatens to clogged arteries and high blood pressure on their membrane.

Aloe Vera - a good natural analgesic. Because of this it is able to calm the inflammation in varicose veins.

Aloe can also be used for the treatment of corns on the feet, skin irritation and fungal infections. If you are faced with one of these problems, be sure to try to apply some aloe gel to the affected area.

It is recommended to do it in the evening before going to sleep. Apply aloe vera gel on the skin, performing a light massage. During a night's rest your feet will not be in contact with other items and have a good rest.

This useful properties of frozen aloe vera gel does not end there. It should be borne in mind that this plant allows us to carefully take care of our skin, protecting it from various unpleasant problems such as acne.

For acne treatment you will need several servings of aloe vera. Apply it on the skin morning and evening.

After applying it, wait 30 minutes, then rinse the skin with warm water.

Do not forget that aloe vera is often used as an ingredient for skin moisturizing masks.

There are many recipes with aloe vera, which make our skin radiant and young. For the preparation of these agents may be used and the frozen aloe vera gel.

Indeed, the freezing of aloe vera gel solves the storage problem. It is very convenient. As a result, it is a useful natural remedy at any time will be at your fingertips.