Simple exercises in pain in the wrists, which can be done at your desk

Surely you are familiar with the pain in his wrist after a long day spent at the computer. Experts offer a selection of simple exercises that will remove stress and that can be done right at your desk.

Hands are particularly susceptible to arthritis, because our hands are almost always on their toes. Many problems arise with the thumb, affecting frequent printing messages on your phone. The best cure for arthritis, according to experts - is the movement.

These exercises can be performed several times a day, as soon as you feel discomfort in your wrists.

? Easy to compress and uncompress fingers. Repeat several times.

? Make a few circular rotations with your thumbs. Repeat rotation in one direction and then the other.

? Rotate your wrists, representing the Group of Eight. Try to feel as if this move your shoulders.

? Easy to squeeze the hand into a fist and rotate wrists. Feel the stretch the wrist muscles. Then do the rotation in the opposite direction.

? Connect the palms in front of chest (prayer pose). Hands and fingers should fit snugly together. Press one hand to the other during 5-10 seconds. Repeat several times.

? Weave fingers and hands do wavelike motion in one and the other side. If you are uncomfortable with the exercise intertwined fingers, just put one hand over the other.

? Connect your fingers into the lock, pull your hands in front of you, turn their palms forward, then lift over your head. The palms should be facing up. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and feel how the blood circulation in the hands. Then slowly lower your arms.

? Repeat the exercise again, changing his fingers in the castle: the top should now be the fingers of the other hand. Lower the shoulders, look straight ahead. Feel straightens the spine when arms are raised. After 10 seconds, just slowly lower your arms.

? Allow hands to relax a bit, then take turns massage brush. Start with the wrist and gradually move on to the palm and fingers. Pay special attention to the thumb. The same thing happened with the second hand.

? Vigorously rub your hands together, so they warmed up. Then place your hands on your knees with palms up, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Feel the sensations in the wrists changed.