Scientists have discovered what women

Psychologists from the United States reported that their study has proved that men are afraid of smart women are literally repel the opposite sex.

It is noted that statistics show that men are choosing between intelligence and beauty choose beauty, with even nice ladies with brains lose out as a man very quickly begins to search for such replacement, poglupee.

Scientists say that a beautiful and intelligent woman should be doubly interesting man, but it turned out all the way around and a man would prefer a beautiful, but stupid.

Statistics show that most men are primarily pay attention to the beauty of women, and if they understand that the lady high level of intelligence, they lose interest in it.

In the experiment, men and women took part. It turned out that women do not have such a problem, on the contrary, they consider smart men more attractive than stupid, but men, even if they say that ladies intelligence they do not mind, in fact, afraid to continue with such a woman relationship, gradually communication will come to naught. This does not mean that men consciously would look silly woman, it happens at an unconscious level.

In the men began to distance themselves from the women during the experiment after the first meeting, if realized, that it smarter than him.

After a time, the representatives of the strong half of humanity leave the smart ladies and women find themselves with average intelligence, or at all, silly, that will be much more stupid than a man, but at the same time, beautiful.