7 products that can not be eaten raw

No one will argue that many foods in their fresh state contain much more nutrients and minerals than cooked. At the same time uncertain and completely 100 percent "raw" diet, in which a person eats exclusively thermally unprocessed food. The thing is contained in some plants toxins, designed to scare away pests like slugs and aphids, destroy or reduce the harm of which can only further processing.

Of course, the concentration of them in moderate portions are often not so terrible for the person, but even at these doses can cause serious disorders of the body healthy. We have gathered together the eight most unsafe products that are just not worth it to try in their raw form, and even more so - to combine with each other in fresh foods.


The raw beans beans contain lectin proteins are broken down in the process of cooking over a fire. Not all of them are equally toxic, and some are even - useful, but for proteins such as PHA, for example, can cause an upset stomach and bowel just one handful of red beans. Rid beans from lectins, and themselves - from excessive risk can simply soaking the beans for at least 5 hours in cold water, then drain, rinse and boil in for at least 30 minutes on medium heat.

Bitter almonds

He almonds, that we are all accustomed to eating normally, referred to as sweet, while his close relative of bitter almonds can literally poison crowd contain the hydrogen cyanide. Why use it? European chefs respect bitter almonds for an interesting taste, but they prepare it so that no symptoms - from easy dizziness and headaches to vomiting and cramps - at tasters, however, did not arise. Typically, training is reduced to frying in the pan, but the exact temperature and time, no one had marked, so you better be wary if the recipe was listed this kind of almond.


Potatoes are completely excluded from the diet not only those who are watching their weight, but also the so-called raw foodists, and it's not in carbohydrates. Just in raw potatoes can contain too much of a potentially toxic substance solanine, which are especially numerous in the tubers, which have a green skin pigmentation. At very high concentrations, which especially in the young potato can often be visually identified by a pale green color of the tuber, it is better to give up eating even cooked tubers.

[/b] Tarot.

Tarot or, as this vegetable is called, edible Taro is more useful relative of the potato, but it is harmful in its raw form for a different reason. For all its richness in fiber, potassium, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin E and B complex, as well as the great variety of trace elements, tarot is unsafe due to the mix of calcium oxalate. Namely, it can lead to numbness first mouth and then, with continued eating raw fruit, suffocation or survive if they are lucky, to the formation of kidney stones.

Castor beans

Most of these beans in respect of which a man used to getting so well helps with constipation castor oil, the term "castor oil" is used. Despite the beauty of the tree with its bright red leaves and yellow flowers, the fruits - also, incidentally, interesting to look at - contain an overdose of already familiar lectins called ricin. Yes, the same one he used for his own purposes, Walter White of the series "Breaking Bad"! Ricin - a substance so strong that it does not appear entirely from castor beans during heat treatment, and hence cereal such we will never eat. Well, if only once.

[b] Olives

Hardly raw olives seriously or even to harm you if you eat them, but the desire to reach out to the branch of another, no one is not exactly there. The reason - the fully destructible during brining oleuropein substance, which gives the bitter taste of fresh olives. It is interesting that even potentially useful oleuropein, that's only the bitterness does not allow us to fully enjoy its benefits. It is, of course, you can try to subtract using extracts of fruits in fresh water, but salty marinade will still be preferable.

Wild Mushrooms

Even those mushrooms, which are non-toxic to you fully trust may be in its raw form is potentially deadly, and just too hard to stomach successfully coped with their digestion. The thing is different than that of fruits and vegetables, the structure of the cell walls of fungi that the destruction in the processing allows to obtain more benefits from the product. There are, however, safe and raw mushrooms, but only a few experts can determine their eye. Even fewer people who can pick up the minimum necessary and a suitable way of processing such as spraying with mushrooms coccoli lemon juice to create a mushroom ceviche.