Too much coffee: 6 signs depending

Experts do not call give up coffee for good, and advised how to avoid the side effects of excessive consumption of this beverage.

Many of us do not look like the people in the morning before the first cup of espresso. In addition, the natural product fully the benefits - and the extension of youth, and reduce the risk of dementia. But, like all good things in life, the coffee can be extremely harmful if overused.

1. You're a little on edge

Coffee lover - people antsy. The drink not only stimulates the central nervous system, but also blocks adenosine receptors (the compound responsible for the transmission of signals along nerve endings, stimulating sleep) and "raskochegarivaet" the production of adrenaline, dopamine and glutamate - an explosive combination that can cause panic attacks. "Activation of the sympathetic nervous system can lead to anxiety, ticks, heart palpitations, irritability and even seizures of rage", - says Michael Yassa, assistant professor of neurobiology and behavioral processes of the department at the University of California.

SOLUTION: "You can try coffee with low caffeine" - advises Yassa. In addition, people with heart disease from this general power should be abandoned.

2. There are sudden bouts of extreme fatigue

For coffee, we often turn to the times when you need to be cheerful and collected - it really helps in these situations. But when the effect of weakening, fatigue can be rolled forward with renewed vigor. A study published in "Neuropsychopharmacology" magazine, says: Caffeine reduces the performance of even the most able-bodied people. "The feeling of the energy charge is deceptive" - ??says Jenna Braddock, a sports nutritionist in San Augustine, Florida.

SOLUTION: be sure to eat foods that provide real energy.

3. Too often run to the toilet

The hero of this article - a diuretic, which means that it increases the frequency of urination, especially if you drink it regularly. "While the research shows that coffee itself does not cause dehydration, however, if you drink too much and at the same time forget about the water, the body will start to suffer" - Corinne Dobbas explains nutritionist from San Francisco.

SOLUTION: Turn in the coffee break a healthy snack. "The food will slow down the promotion of liquid through the digestive tract - which means it slowly gets to the bladder" - Braddock explains.

4. Often eyelid twitches

This kind of teak is often a little scratch, but the National Institutes of Health called the coffee one of the three most popular reasons for this trouble. Research at New York University found that caffeine causes release of serotonin and noradrenaline, neurotransmitters excitation signals which can enhance the reactivity of muscles and nerves.

Solution: drink less coffee and more water!

5. There sudden urge to go "in a more?

This drink (and the one with low caffeine content, too!) Has a laxative effect on almost 30% of people. Scientists are not completely sure what component causes this effect, but the fact remains that the coffee - acidic environment, which has a stimulating effect on the stomach and intestines, which eventually can cause a sudden urge to use the toilet.

SOLUTION: go to the dark side! Stronger varieties of coffee such as espresso and French have a lower acidity and contain less caffeine.

6. There were problems with sleep

Studies say that caffeine can cause sleep disorders, reduce the quality and quantity - even if you drink a cup of 6 hours before bedtime. Furthermore, the beverage can disrupt circadian rhythms of the body, causing drowsiness. "Rest at night is very important for all aspects of cognitive function, so that any advantage that you expected to get from caffeine, will be completely lost, if it leads to sleep disorders," - warns Yassa.

Solution: stop the pilgrimage to the coffee machine after 16:00 so you can avoid the problem.