6 little-known facts about the cleaners for

Cleaners person has in the arsenal of nearly every modern woman, and many feel that they are well informed about this product. Experts in the field of cosmetology from the UK named the 6 facts about facial cleansers, which are known not all people.

1. They depend on skin type. Each skin type requires certain ingredients for effective cleaning. For example, for dry skin will suit yogurt, honey, avocado cream, olive and coconut oil. For oily skin better suited cucumber and lemon juice, oil, jojoba and grape seed.

2. They contain salt. Did you know that salt is a common ingredient in cleaners for the face and bubble bath. Very often, the salt is added in these products to increase their viscosity and consistency.

3. They contain the dead algae. Dead algae, also known as diatoms, are used in cleaners for the face. Most often, they are green and sticky, often they are found at the bottom of the pool.

4. When there are leftovers. After using the cleaner for the face of its residues can remain on the skin, which will not allow to soak humidifiers. Therefore, it is best to wash your face with warm water, and do not wipe it with napkins.

5. They can cause acne. It is tempting to use lots of facial cleansers for acne and pimples. However, in reality, this only worsens the problem. Small amount of cleaner is enough to remove dirt and sebum from the face.

6. They are well cleaned brushes for make-up. Did you know that the brush makeup contain a lot of bacteria? When you have a need wash brushes, use this cleaner for the face.