Diet drinks, due to which there is a weight gain

From skim milk and diet soda to healthy fruit juices. in the field of nutrition experts call drinks, which in any case can not be used for people who are trying to lose weight.

Diet soft drinks. Their very name implies health benefits and a low amount of calories, but the use of these drinks do more harm than good. Scientists emphasize that different kinds of diet soda causes acute hunger after consumption that pushes a person to overeat.

Juices. Fruit juices and other packed with sugar. In a glass of grape juice contains 9 teaspoons of sugar and a glass of orange - 6. As many as 7 tablespoons of sugar per one glass of apple juice. All this leads to a spike in blood sugar levels, and when the rate falls, then the person played a sharp hunger that pushes him to eat large amounts of fatty and sugary foods.

Coffee. In some species, such as mocha coffee, which is used in the manufacture of skimmed milk contains 220 calories. If you want to lose weight, drink black coffee with milk and a minimum at all without sugar and cream.

Skimmed milk. Over time, the use of this beverage can lead to weight gain. Studies show that consumers skim milk or milk beverage with 1% fat recover better than those who use the normal fat content for milk.

Cold tea. Like a fruit juice ice tea packed with sugar. In addition, in one small bottle of iced tea may contain up to 116 calories. Better prepare yourself ice tea without adding sugar to.

Alcohol. Alcohol, especially beer and wine also contain a lot of calories. On average, a glass of beer about 150 calories, it is also recommended to avoid the fruit cocktails that are full of sugar.

Smoothies. With homemade smoothies beware. Too large portions of it, full of fresh fruit, not too useful. Try to make a portion of fruit on the basis of using ingredients such as avocados and greek yogurt.