Scientists have found positive effects in depression

Depressive disorders - it is not always evil. In depression, as the researchers found in Germany, there are certain positive aspects.

Scientists from the University of Jena, according to a scientific publication Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental, focused on finding those. And they did it - depression, suddenly, you may bring some benefit to the owner.

Yes, unbelievable but true, but people suffering from chronic depression, may, for example, much faster than finding pitfalls in those or other questionable situations.

Depressive brain simply is "dragged" to the problem, so that the detection of "gotchas", completely invisible to normal, cheerful brain, for him - a trivial task.

The Germans conducted an interesting experiment by which proved this. Volunteers needed to solve puzzles based on anagrams - words that make up the letters were mixed up. At the same time, among the mysteries were known nerazgadyvaemye. That is less misleading depressed volunteers.