Nutritionists have called three products that do not need to save

Saving the family budget - a laudable trait, but some foods should remain consistently high quality of the diet, regardless of price. healthy nutrition experts told about the three products, which can not save and, moreover, completely abandoned. About the products that can not be found analogs, experts briefed on the pages of the electronic newspaper "The Age".

"Exclusion from the diet of these products or their replacement by analogs can result in extremely negative consequences for the organism and the state of health" - therapists expressed their views on this issue.

In particular, doctors recommend eating meat regularly, and suggested that use this product is best for the system of "day by day". According to this method of eating meat or poultry days need to be alternated with days when consumed plant foods rich in protein, - it helps to save and health, and budget.

Also, experts say, do not skimp on sweets and pastries. "It may seem strange, but it is only an extremely small number of people can completely abandon these products. It is therefore important to use only very high quality sweets, "- said the expert.

They recalled that cheap sweets are often a source of harmful trans fats.

Yet, according to doctors, from the diet is impossible to exclude nuts (sunflower seeds). It contains essential minerals, not to mention the fact that in the nuts a lot of vegetable protein and unsaturated fatty acids.