Brown rice will replace the half-hour hike

US nutritionists found that replacing white rice with brown accelerates the process of losing weight. A cup of brown rice has the same effect in the fight against calories as a 30-minute walking tour.

Drinking large amounts of whole grains will help to accelerate the process of losing weight, as the scientists say. One need only replace white rice and brown bread analogues, as it will help speed up the metabolism. These small changes in the diet, allows you to actively include fiber diet leads to the fact that a person loses 100 calories a day more. This figure is very significant, because it is so much calories we burn during a 30-minute walk away.

Researchers at Tufts University in Massachusetts volunteers divided into two groups, depending on the features in the diet. And the difference was only one - the source of grain products. Throughout the rest of the volunteers of the two groups did not differ among themselves. They spent the same amount of energy received approximately the same amount of fat, fruits, vegetables and protein in the diet. But one group is actively consumed whole grains like brown rice, and the other leaned on white rice and bread from wheat flour.

It was found that a diet based on whole grains helps people to speed up the metabolism, burning more calories. In the digestive system at the same time assimilated fewer calories. All this leads to an improvement in the immune system as well as people from the first group in the body produces a large number of T-cells that fight infections. They also increased the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut. All this was achieved in just 8 weeks of the use of whole grains.