Scientists: stress can lead to cancer

The researchers reported that their latest experiments and observations found a correlation between stress and cancer in humans.

For many years, people are looking for the cause of cancers, and now scientists have theorized that oncology is a result of severe stress, or at least under its influence.

Permanent negative violates the human immune system and the protective function of all sorts of ailments begins not work correctly, because the reduced white blood cell count.

As a result of developing the cancer, which is a malfunction in the immune system.

Furthermore oncology for the same reason and others may not appear less dangerous disease.

At the same time, doctors say that this does not mean that stress should be avoided always, even small stresses are useful for the human body, they strengthen the nervous system and lead to the development of adrenaline, which can also be beneficial to the health and tone.

However, scientists have proved that if a person lives in a constant way of negative emotions, it is threatened with dangerous consequences.

Scientists have conducted a series of experiments on rodents: one group lived in peaceful conditions, and the other is constantly under stress.

The number of cancer patients in the second colony proved many times more, suggesting close ties stress and cancer.

The thing is that the content of leukocytes in the blood is greatly reduced, and in fact they are responsible for the presence of immune cells to prevent cancer.