15 tricks of food photographers about which few people know

Leafing through the gastronomic magazines, the tape in the "Instagrame" and promotional materials, we wonder how the food could be so delicious, and instantly reserve a table at a restaurant. Such a reaction - the merit of the food photographers who know how to make the dish in the picture is much more appetizing than life.

The experts agreed to lift the veil of secrecy and tell what tricks in their work are popular food photographers. Some of the techniques you will certainly surprise you!

Deodorant shine

Have you noticed that the fruits and berries in the advertisement so shiny that I want to pay for them all the treasures of the world? You immediately go to the nearest supermarket for apples and strawberries, but do not find the same delicious fruit and, of course, upset.

Not necessary! In supermarkets, you just wait for the natural fruits and berries. In order to achieve an appetizing shine, food photographers use large amounts of deodorant or hairspray.

Engine oil instead syrup.

Pancakes love all. If they are with maple syrup or another, it is simply unrealistic to resist. The food photographers of this, of course, know, but to shoot a conventional syrup can not, because he was too absorbed quickly Pancake.

You've probably seen the photos that stringy syrup slowly flows down the ruddy pancakes? This is not a syrup, and the engine oil. That it makes it possible to achieve such an effect.

Shoe polish and burgers

If you at least once cooked burgers at home, you know exactly what neat patties after cooking are reduced in size and lose their density. In advertising, fast food burgers, on the other hand, look very appetizing and texturally. Reveals the secret: they're almost raw. For their color rubbed shoe polish, and strip off the grill mimic using skewers.

Glycerin for freshness.

Seafood (eg, squid, mussels and prawns) zavetrivayutsya, so they should be quite fast there immediately after serving. In order to have time to shoot sharp pictures in which seafood would look juicy and fresh food photographers watered their glycerin. Petite shine is guaranteed! You can not even guess what it is inedible.

Glucose syrup against zavetrivaniya

Noodles also dries quickly and loses its appetizing appearance. To prevent this and create the effect of succulent dishes straight from the pan, food photographers watered her glucose syrup. It is typically used for desserts, but can also serve for this purpose. That does not make for the sake of delicious and selling frames!

Cardboard instead of cream.

Have you ever paid attention to the advertising of cakes? It seems that you can feel the aroma of mouth-watering biscuits and lush. In fact, quite quickly soak cakes of cream and lose their volume. To prevent this, a cake for a photo cardboard sandwiches.

The foam from the liquid soap

Beer foam in advertising and urges to go to the nearest bar or supermarket for excellent drink. However, beer drinkers do not realize that in advertising foam role usual liquid soap, which is in every kitchen. The foam from the liquid soap is quite stable and allows you to remove the beverage from different angles.

Potatoes instead of ice cream

Professional staff food can not be removed in the daylight. Food photographer necessarily take advantage of special lighting fixtures and lamps that can help to get a photo of good quality.

When exposed to light cream melts rapidly, so it is replaced by a colored potato puree or paste of starch, sugar powder, corn syrup, fat, and other components.

Shaving cream as whipped cream.

Whipped cream look impressive only in the first few seconds, and then begin to "fall off", losing an attractive and appetizing appearance. This feature of the product causes the food photographers look for more sustainable alternatives. These include, for example, shaving foam.

Plastic ice cubes

Normal ice under special lamps and lighting equipment melts as quickly as ice cream. Photographers have found a replacement for him - a plastic ice cubes that do not make shooting in tight time frame.

Glue instead milk.

Advertise fast breakfast, perhaps, it belongs to the category of the most mouth-watering. The flakes were placed invitingly at the top, calling finally have breakfast and make a choice in their favor. All anything, but in the usual cereal milk soak quickly and go to the bottom. That is why milk advertising is replaced by glue.

Tablets soda

Bubbles of carbon dioxide into lemonade and soda erode very quickly. Only the fastest time to the photographer for this time to capture the gorgeous photographic material. However, the photographers have their secret reception to this case. In aerated water are added antacids for heartburn, which reacts with soda water, causing bubbles again and again.

Paper towels chicken on the grill.

When you look at grilled chicken from advertising, I think that it was grown in ideal conditions. Otherwise, nothing is impossible to explain such a healthy and tempting chicken volumes.

It's not about growing conditions, and paper towels that are "stuffed" the chicken to make it look appetizing. By the way, it is subjected to a minimal heat treatment, and also rub shoe polish.

Wax instead sauces.

It does not always get the cook to cook the perfect thick sauce. Then the food photographers resorted to a little trick to get the desired texture and mouthwatering photos. The molten wax was added sauces of various colors. Voila!

Artificial pairs

Photos from the ferry look very appetizing. The human brain begins to paint is the aroma and taste of the dishes. In reality, things are a little different. You do not think that the chef prepare meals, runs headlong to the place of shooting, and the photographer is already here and instantly snaps the shutter?

Several options: photoshop, steamer, which causes food to smoke, soaked in water and warmed in a microwave oven balls of wool and a special device to simulate steam. It all depends on the arsenal of a food photographer.