Doctors have called the possible causes of pain during sex

Painful cramps during sex are not so rare, but many women hesitate to ask the doctor advice. Gynecologists from the UK spoke about the most probable causes of this disorder.

If a woman experiences pain during sex, then it is necessary to find the causes. Many of the fair sex complain of cramps or colic during lovemaking. These feelings make sex an extremely unpleasant occupation that threatens the stability of the relationship. Cramps result may be sometimes discomfort in the urethra or bladder. To avoid them, try to completely empty the bladder before and after sex.

cervical infections and are often the cause of pain during sex. This is due to the fact that the man's penis reaches the cervix at maximum penetration. In this case, the aid will come a special cream for the treatment of infections. But we should not appoint them for himself alone, be sure to consult with your doctor. Cervical infections require medical care, they need to be diagnosed correctly, to establish the exact cause.

Fibrosis and ovarian cysts, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease and ectopic pregnancy - all this also causes pain during deep penetration.

In addition, the cause of pain during sex can be sexually transmitted diseases by. In most cases, women just need medical attention. Furthermore, all of these symptoms vary. Therefore, if you do not know the exact cause of discomfort, talk to your doctor and go through the necessary diagnostic procedures.