7 signs of the presence of parasites in the body

From the parasites in the body no one is immune. The eggs of parasites can get into the stomach due to unwashed hands, poorly washed vegetables or fruit, "kisses" of animals, etc. Signs of "settlers" are not always clearly visible on the first couple, and later - similar to the symptoms of common diseases. How do you know that you have any worms? Prompt 7 surest signs.


Many parasites in the life process of release hormone-like substances that provoke a person watery stool - diarrhea. Therefore, if the diarrhea bothers you more than twice a week for no apparent reason (poisoning, for example), blame it on "animals".


If the worms entered the small intestine, it causes inflammation of the mucous membranes, and flatulence flatulence. Therefore, frequent bloating does not mean that you have eaten something that did not drink or an extra glass of soda. You should be checked for the presence of worms in the body, and to take action, otherwise these symptoms intensify unpleasant.

Aches in joints and muscles

Worms are not always occupied only the intestines. They can be moved around the body to find the most comfortable seats for their lives and to select those, for example, in the joint fluid and muscle. In this case, in the body there is pain and aches, arthritis or fever resembling the flu. In addition, the pain may also occur as a result of injury or tissue parasites immune reaction to their presence.


Common allergies may also indicate the "settlers". Toxic products of their life activate the immune response in the form of production of increased amounts of eosinophils - a type of protective cells. They can cause inflammation of body tissues, leading to allergic reactions.

Skin rash

The result of vital activity of worms in your body can be acne, hives, rashes, eczema and other skin reactions. Such effects provokes violation of intestinal microflora, which occurs as a result of irritation of the mucous membranes of parasites.

Teeth grinding during sleep

Bruxism, or teeth grinding is simply a dream - one of the most common symptoms of the appearance of worms. "Live animals" adversely affects the nervous system by inhibiting the synthesis of vitamin B12 of which it becomes very sensitive. As a result, at night there is the uncontrolled clenching of the jaw, and there is a characteristic srezhet.

Constant fatigue

Because of the worms in the body is disturbed assimilation of useful micro-and macro. As a result, the body lacks the necessary substance for normal functioning. From this there is a constant weakness, lethargy, depression and worsening memory and concentration.