Wedding in the average age of a blow to women's waist

The researchers found that marrying at an average age of women is much more likely to become victims of obesity later. This is due to the fact that they are much more likely to visit a romantic dinner and do not follow the diet.

Scientists from the US have found that marriages in the average age of women is much more likely to subsequently gain weight. But after menopause, divorce has the opposite effect, helping women lose weight. Experts stress that it is not associated with depression, and that happy couples often move a little and consume large portions of food with each other. When women go through a painful separation, then they begin to care more about the appearance, often visiting the gym and following a healthy diet. Outside they need to find a new life partner.

A considerable amount of research has helped clarify through what psychological and physiological changes take place young women in relation to marriage and divorce, but the same information in relation to women's middle-aged and older almost not going to. In order to fill this gap, researchers from Arizona State University surveyed 79094 women aged 50 to 79 years. They were placed in three groups: single, married, divorced, married, and those whose family status has not changed over the past three years. All participating observations, measurements of waist and blood pressure.

It was found that single observation at the start of the women gained weight in the last three years. However, this increase was completely normal in terms of age-related processes. But those who marry, got better much more noticeable. When this passed through divorce women contrary, they lost weight due to the proper diet and exercise more.