The habit of waking up at night is called normal

Waking up in the night it is only natural for humans, the researchers told. People always used before the two sleep periods, between which they are even able to perform certain things.

Good news for the millions of people who wake up in the night, because of what then believe that they are victims of a disorder, dangerous to their health. Today this behavior is seen as insomnia, but until the late 19th century, people fell specially at night. Then there was the concept of two segments of sleep. For centuries, historians of medicine told, many people wake up in the night in order to tackle the implementation of the household chores, visiting friends and even lovemaking.

But sleep throughout the night is a relatively modern invention, as stressed by Professor Roger Ekirch from the Polytechnic University of Virginia. He said that the midnight insomnia is actually not considered a problem until the end of the last century. And in the 16th century, the rise was perfectly normal in the night. People have used the gap between the first and second part of the dream to wash clothes, to converse and even steal from neighbors firewood, as shown by the historical record.

During this period, the couple made love more often, which explains the large number of children. The first phase of sleep provides the body with sufficient energy level for intimate pleasures. It was believed that the division of sleep in the first and second phase also helps digestion, because people turned over to the right side to the left, when you wake up at night.

If the only reason for this nocturnal recovery were not cold in the room, bugs or any concern, the vast majority of people treated in a similar wake-up is normal. They are not seen as insomnia, and this term is the inability to fall asleep during the first sleep interval.