7 habits to lose weight

Yes, it's not so simple: to lose weight and throw off excess weight. However, our tips will help you!

If you redesign your daily schedule so as to include these habits, you will succeed!

Habit 1
The rise at 7 am and not before!

People systematically depriving yourself full of sleep, eat a day to 385 calories more than those who sleep 7-8 hours required per day. Choosing a menu, they prefer more fatty, sugary and salty foods. It turns out that if you allow yourself to get enough sleep, it is easy to lose the extra weight and stress-free.

Habit 2
Charging with different levels load.

Our body gradually gets used to physical exertion, that we give him. And if, when you have just started to do a set of exercises in the morning, weight decreased slightly, then later he was stabilized. Take at least 1-2 workouts per day with a high degree of load to the body was forced to give all to the fullest.

Habit 3
Breakfast: eggs or meat

Morning meal must contain protein foods: it will make you feel more satiated throughout the day. In addition, protein promotes muscle formation: calories consumed will not fat, and muscle.

Habit 4
Lunch - Scheduled

Skipping even one meal leads to the fact that the body begins to accumulate fat. It is especially important not to skip lunch, because it is the main meal. Ignoring it, you run the risk of slowing down the metabolism, and for the rest of the day to eat more than usual.

Habit 5
Here and now

The habit to understand the feelings and emotions that cover you at a particular time and in a particular place, oddly enough, helps fight obesity! Studies have shown that people do not pay attention to your emotions, on average, have a higher body fat percentage. Very often we start snacking out of boredom or when we feel hurt. Understanding your emotions will help you to distinguish between true hunger from the imaginary.

Habit 6
Evening: no harmful fats

If at lunchtime we still relatively safe for the figure to eat sweet or fatty, then in the evening it is very bad for the figure. Try to keep meals for dinner do not contain harmful trans fats, sweets, junk food. Prefer olive oil instead of greasy fat, nuts, rather than a piece of pork.

Habit 7
Evening: take the time to relieve stress

Stress often leads to weight gain, because when we are under stress, the body produces the hormone cortisol, the main "agent provocateur" increased appetite and insomnia. Half an hour spent with your favorite needlework or the adoption of a relaxing bath will help you to deal with excess weight!